Dental Implants in Salt Lake City, UT

Replace missing teeth and restore the beauty and function of your smile.

At Legacy Dental our goal is to ensure your smile lasts. If you’re missing teeth or are hiding your smile you may be a candidate for dental implants.


Our Technology

Electric Handpiece

The advantages of the new Electric Handpiece are that is it quieter and smoother than the loud whine of a traditional dental drill. Plus, this latest technology from Germany has greater accuracy and shortens procedure time.

Intraoral Camera

A small video camera called an Intraoral Camera lets both patient and doctor see better when evaluating your oral health. Seeing what the dentist sees gives our patients more information about their mouths and allows our dentists to provide better treatment.

The Wand

The most comfortable local anesthetic ever! The Wand has replaced the traditional syringe with a computerized solution. It gently delivers the anesthetic, making the experience imperceptible to most patients.

Diode Lasers

To help with soft tissue treatments such as gum disease and contouring, our team uses Diode Lasers. These modern instruments provide more precision and facilitate a faster healing time.

CariScreen Testing

CariScreen is an innovative device that tests for your risk of caries. It samples the bacteria in your mouth and identifies the likelihood of cavities forming. The test takes one minute and is painless.

Movies, Headphones, And More

We have TVs on our treatment room ceilings to distract your attention away from any dental procedures. Headphones and nitrous oxide can “carry” you right into the plot of your favorite movie.

Digital X-Rays

At Legacy Dental, we use the DEXIS Digital X-rays for more accurate images and diagnosis. These innovative x-rays allow our Salt Lake City dentists to capture a rounded view of your teeth and jaw.

Microscopic Vision

Better vision means better dentistry. We use microscopic vision aided by a fiber optic light to create more precise and comfortable restorations for you.

Patient Records

Patient records are managed more accurately using modern computer technology. This includes electronic insurance submission and an online billing program. Ensuring faster speed and greater accuracy.


This is a high-performance dental isolation device designed to quickly and easily isolate areas of the mouth. Isolite uses a moisture control system and offers improved visibility for our dentists.

PlanMeca Panoramic Unit

The PlanMeca machine captures panoramic images of your entire jaw. This modern device helps our team to identify issues from sinus problems to TMJ disorders.

How to reach us in and around Salt Lake City, Utah

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