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Dentures in Salt Lake City, UT

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Your New Set of Teeth

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We enjoy replacing teeth with dentures in Salt Lake City, but learning to wear dentures can be a challenge. It is important to understand that a denture is an artificial replacement. Just like other artificial replacements, some people are successful in learning how to use their new prosthesis and others struggle to adapt.

Think about an artificial leg. We have all seen individuals with artificial limbs learn to run, and even ski. We have also seen or heard of others that struggle to learn to use their artificial leg and instead choose to use a wheelchair.

Similarly, some patients learn to use dentures, and some do not succeed. The studies suggest that as many as 50% of denture wearers do not regularly wear their dentures. How a denture fits and functions are of paramount importance in improving your chances for success with adapting to a new denture. Our dentists in Salt Lake City employ the latest techniques and technology to make your adaption to dentures successful.

There are many ways to fabricate dentures. Some involve as little as two appointments, while others involve as many as ten.

We believe that a commitment to making sure that dentures fit well, and look great requires time and effort. So depending on your case, the number of appointments necessary to fabricate your denture will vary.

We look forward to answering your questions about dentures and helping you regain your smile.

How Do Legacy Dentists Make Dentures?

Trust the skill and expertise of our Salt Lake City dental team.

The first step in making dentures is to have a thorough exam to see if you are a candidate for dentures. Many patients believe that dentures are their only option. However, these patients have more choices than they think.

Before getting dentures, it is essential to evaluate the bone and the gums where the denture will rest. If there are bumps, ridges, swollen or irritated tissue, those areas must be corrected to allow the denture to fit well.

Following an exam, impressions or molds are made. A second appointment is sometimes necessary to take a second impression or mold with a custom-fabricated tray (the thing that holds the impression material).

Some patients have trouble with gagging during impression-making. We have training in techniques to make this process more comfortable, including sedation dentistry, acupuncture, and use of the gate-control theory (distraction). An accurate impression is the most important step of making a denture. A denture can only fit as well as the impression.

Following an accurate impression, an appointment is made to record the bite, choose the color or shade of the teeth, and discuss the tooth shape and position. Looking at photographs together with your Salt Lake City dentist can help in restoring your smile to a time when you were proud of your smile.

We have software on an ……This text is linked to the website that discusses the technology we use to preview your dentures. It opens in a new window…… that we use to help you choose the shape of your teeth. We also take photographs at this stage, which helps us communicate your specifications with our partner lab.

You’ve probably seen dentures that look bad. Usually, it’s because the teeth look too long, or they don’t show. This happens because the lab doesn’t have the benefit of seeing how the denture will appear in the person’s face. Photographs help solve this.

A third appointment is then made to try-on the denture. At this stage, the denture is made from a wax material. This allows for changes to the position of the teeth and the bite. Taking this step helps to make sure that everything done in the second step was correct. If not, additional appointments for try-on will be made until you are happy with the appearance and fit

The next step is to place or deliver the dentures. At this point, we will double-check the fit and the bite and make any adjustments.

Finally, we generally see our denture patients every week until everything is fitting and feeling correct. This can take 1-6 more visits and is included in the fees for the fabrication of the denture.

Our dentures are made from portrait IPN teeth and lucitone denture acrylic, but, occasionally, we use other products to meet individual needs and budgets.

  • ‘‘They are very thorough and always friendly with high-quality service. They have earned my loyalty because of the excellent dental results I consistently receive.’’

    Janet P. (Legacy Dental Patient)

Would You Like to Learn More?

Here are our top FAQs about dentures in Salt Lake City.

Usually, the process to make dentures takes about two to three weeks. We can complete the process more quickly if needed and have even made dentures in just 24 hours. This RUSH service carries an additional fee. A temporary partial denture (sometimes called a flipper) that replaces one or a few teeth can usually be made the same day or in 24 hours.

If the denture does not fit correctly, the denture can rub on the sensitive gums and cause a sore spot. Often, a dentist can adjust that area on the denture. If the bite is incorrect, the denture will move when chewing and cause rubbing or a sore spot. A dentist may be able to adjust the bite, as long as the dentures were made correctly. It may also mean that the dentures may need to be remade. Finally, if your denture is too loose, it will move and cause a sore spot. Relining or refitting the denture might correct a loose denture, or it might need to be remade. At Legacy Dental, we are committed to making your dentures fit comfortably and feel like your natural teeth!

Depending on the shape of your bone and gums, tongue, and cheeks you may or may not need to use a denture adhesive. Even a well-fitting denture can sometimes be more comfortable to wear with adhesive, especially, when you are first getting used to your new teeth.

If you find, even with adhesive, you have a difficult time wearing your dentures, then dental implants may be a better option for you.

If a person takes good care of their denture, it should last for at least five years. Most times dentures will last many years longer than that. Often, dentures can be relined or refitted, and their life extended. To make sure your denture lasts as long as possible, you should:
  • Have an exam each year to check your bone and gums, bite, and the denture.
  • Don’t ever adjust your denture yourself.
  • Be careful not to drop your dentures especially in the sink. The hard porcelain of the sink can chip or break your dentures.
  • Clean your dentures following our recommendations. Using harsh chemicals or abrasives will shorten the life of your dentures.
  • Keep your dentures away from pets. Dogs, especially, love to use dentures as chew toys.
Dentures can be used in so many different ways so giving an accurate cost is difficult. There are many payment options available to make dentures fit your budget.

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