Root Canals in salt Lake city, Millcreek utah

Save your smile.

Say “Goodbye” to Your Tooth Pain

Restore your smile’s function and aesthetic.

If you need a root canal in Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Holladay and around in Utah, you should know that you need to get the best dentistry experience for a root canal with minimal pain.

More than 15 million root canals are performed each year in the U.S., and about 400 of those root canal procedures are completed here at Legacy Dental. Whether it's an emergency endodontist appointment or advanced booking, Dr. Campbell does through job with every root canal .

But root canals help to:

When you suffer from the above symptoms, it’s difficult to eat, feel confident about your smile, get a full night’s sleep, and speak clearly.

Our team can save your teeth with root canal treatment. Schedule a consultation today to start your journey to a pain-free smile!

Root Canal Therapy Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Preserve Your Teeth

Root canal therapy allows you to keep your natural tooth, whereas other options like dental implants require an extraction. We’re committed to saving as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible and provide the most precise dental filling.

Eliminate Sensitivity

You can enjoy all your favorite foods and drinks, again! After a root canal, you’ll feel much more comfortable, as the procedure will eliminate your tooth sensitivity.


Root canal therapy is more affordable than some other dental treatments. Getting a root canal and a crown or filling is much more cost-efficient than replacing the tooth.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We’ll remove the diseased portion of your affected tooth during the procedure while preserving your healthy tooth structure. We may use a filling or place a crown over it to prevent further damage. No one will tell you received a root canal.

More Efficient

A root canal takes less time than dental implants. Dental implants usually take three to four months to complete treatment. But a root canal can be completed in an hour or two, with a second appointment in a few weeks to place a crown (if needed). Hence, it's a much more easier way of dental restoration.

Allow for Future Options

You’re in luck if you’re interested in straightening your smile down the road. Teeth treated with root canals can still be moved with braces or clear aligners, unlike dental implants.

Find Comfort and Compassion at Legacy Dental

Get affordable root canals using modern dentistry equipments!

Root canals have the stigma of being painful.

However, that’s not the case. Here’s what our experts endodontists do to ensure your treatment is comfortable and lasts a long time through modern dentistry equipment:

Our dentists at Legacy Dental have had extensive experience and training to provide the latest techniques for performing root canals. Dr. Jonathan Campbell alone has performed thousands of root canal procedures!

Each of our dentists are general dentists, meaning they can also place the filling or crown on your tooth after root canal therapy and help you with other dental problems – all under one roof.

Additionally, we’re experienced enough to know when the best option is to refer your root canal care to an endodontist (a root canal specialist). We’ll gladly give you a referral to one of our amazing endodontist colleagues.

It’s usually in your best interest to save your tooth with a root canal. Removing a tooth and later replacing it is more expensive than root canal treatment and a crown placed to strengthen a tooth.

We accept most insurance plans and offer payment plans or financing options to allow you to fit the cost of root canal treatment into your budget. Our fees are comparable to the other dentists in the area. We won’t be the cheapest, nor will we be the most expensive. Our goal is to provide you with quality care at an affordable fee that fits your needs and budget.

We’re able to help with dental emergencies where root canal therapy is needed. We offer same-day appointments, including evening and Saturday dental appointments. So, if you need a root canal and can’t miss work or school, we can likely help you with an evening or Saturday dental appointment.

We’re committed to providing comfortable care.

It’s not uncommon for people to be anxious about root canal treatment. That’s why we offer several sedation options, including nitrous oxide, conscious sedation with oral medications, and IV sedation with general anesthetic if you suffer from severe dental fear or anxiety.

If you want to distract yourself from the procedure, we have televisions and noise-canceling headphones. Plus, our Compudent system will make local anesthetic injections very comfortable.

We also have put together a team of dental assistants and front office staff devoted to being patient and kind during the whole process.

We try to use the latest proven technologies for your root canal care. We use:

3D x-rays to plan your root canal care before starting treatment. These x-rays help us find all the canals before beginning your care, making your treatment results more efficient and predictable.

Electric rotary instruments to clean the canal spaces rather than hand files. This makes your treatment faster. Plus, we only use the rotary instruments once for every patient to keep you safe. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination and of having a file or endodontic instrument break or separate.

Digital x-rays to check for complete care, reducing radiation exposure and allowing us to make minor modifications to improve the outcome easily.

The highest quality products and expertise in your care. By having multiple doctors in our office, we help one another on more challenging cases. You always have a team of doctors able to consult with one another if needed.

If you want to get some root canal work done at your convinient time, get to know our Salt Lake City dentists and why our customers love us.

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Before and after Root Canal Pictures of our patients in Salt Lake City, Utah

Get a trusted root canal procedure done by a trusted endodontist in Salt Lake City, Millcreek, South Salt Lake City and around, Utah. Get a trusted root canal procedure done by a trusted endodontist in Salt Lake City, Millcreek, South Salt Lake City and around, Utah.


‘‘Without finding Legacy Dental and the wonderful people that work there, my life would still be miserable and painful. They helped me find all the resources I needed to fix my teeth, regain my smile that I had lost and regain the confidence I once had before my teeth began to fail me. Thanks to the entire team at Legacy Dental for helping me in every way to regain my happiness and to smile again. Just know you will be able to trust these wonderful people to help you in your hour of need; when your teeth are failing and your life is painful, they are there to assist you with everything they can find to help you feel good about yourself again.’’

Bonnie S., 5-Star Google Review

Have Questions About Root Canal Therapy?

We have answers!

Watch the video to find out:

Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Review medical and dental history
  2. Take records including x-rays and 3D CBCT x-rays when needed
  3. Perform tests to confirm the source and cause of the pain
  4. Discussion about your options for treatment
  5. Discussion about the fees and how your insurance will help to cover those fees. Financing options are available to you
  6. Provide sedation dentistry (if desired)
  7. Administer local anesthetic and confirm that you’re thoroughly numb
  8. Placement of a dental dam to protect your cheek and tongue, ensure a clean field, and allow the use of solutions in your mouth without you having to worry about tasting them
  9. Root canal procedure is performed
  10. Take digital x-rays to make sure the tooth is properly cleaned and sealed
  11. A filling is placed or the tooth is prepared for a crown
  12. Provide you aftercare instructions (take a look at the video below)

The mention of a root canal causes concern for many about pain. It’s not uncommon to hear “I’d rather have a root canal” when talking about an event or procedure people are worried about.

The pain that comes from a tooth with an infection or a deep cavity can be very severe. Gratefully, root canals solve or alleviate that pain. The procedure for a root canal should not hurt.

We use the CompuDent®…Open a new window to the CompuDent website… anesthetic system to help with comfortable anesthesia, and are trained in advanced techniques for local anesthesia, including the X-Tip®…Open a new window to the X-Tip page…, intraligamentary anesthesia, and blocks. Even so, some patients choose to be sedated for this kind of treatment.

We offer nitrous oxide to every patient as part of the procedure, or oral conscious sedation, and IV deep sedation.

Occasionally, there can be some pain following root canal therapy, but it should be managed with over-the-counter pain medications, and in rare instances, something stronger.

At Legacy Dental, the cost of a root canal procedure is $336 to $2445. Legacy Dental is located in salt lake City and nearby distance to Millcreek.

The cost for a root canal is influenced by which tooth requires treatment, the condition of the tooth, any history of prior root canal treatment, the need to fill or restore the tooth following root canal treatment, and your insurance benefits.

Before beginning treatment, we’ll review the costs and discuss payment options.

For patients that don’t have insurance, we offer our Dental Membership Plan, which provides significant savings of up to 20%.

But for an exact quote, please contact us to book an appointment.

Other alternatives are tooth removal, and rarely a large filling or base with a protective medicated layer called a pulp cap.

Sometimes tooth removal is the best option. If a tooth is badly damaged and it will be difficult to restore the tooth predictably with a crown or filling, removal of the tooth is a predictable option.

If the root is fractured, root canal treatment cannot save the tooth.

Patients that are at very high risk for cavities and have not been able to stop them from developing may be better served by tooth removal and replacement with a dental implant or denture.

If there is a significant infection that has damaged the bone around the tooth, sometimes tooth removal is more predictable.

If the tooth is removed, it is important to consider if and how to replace the missing tooth. When a tooth is removed and not replaced, adjacent teeth will shift leading to other dental problems. Watch our video for more details:

Occasionally, teeth that have been treated with a root canal can fail.


Root canal therapy has a success rate of over 95%!

Many teeth that have been treated with a root canal last a lifetime.

You can preserve its longevity by maintaining a proper oral health routine and regularly visiting your dentist.

It depends on the tooth and your unique needs.

We may simply fill the tooth, especially if it’s a front tooth. But if your tooth has been discolored by decay, we may recommend a crown for aesthetic purposes.

Crowns are necessary for restoring back teeth because your molars are subjected to more pressure (with chewing).

In nearly every circumstance, saving a tooth with a root canal is preferable to a dental implant. Teeth treated with root canal therapy can be more esthetic, more comfortable, more affordable, require less time, and leave you with more future options for treatment, than a dental implant.

Root canal therapy allows you to keep your own tooth.

Your own tooth is most likely the perfect size, shape, and color for your own mouth. Dental implants are a great solution for missing teeth.

But dental implants do not have a ligament like teeth do, so they can sometimes break more easily than a natural tooth. Also, because implants are shaped differently than a tooth root, sometimes they have a larger space near the gum where food can collect.

Finally, sometimes it can be much more challenging to make a dental implant look like a natural tooth, even a tooth that has had a root canal and a crown.

Root canal therapy will make a tooth that is sensitive to cold, or uncomfortable to chew with comfort and allow you to keep your own tooth.

Root canals can also be more affordable.

Removing a tooth and replacing it with a dental implant is almost always more expensive than root canal therapy and a crown or filling.

A root canal takes less time.

Dental implants usually take 3 to 4 months to complete treatment. While a root canal can be completed in an hour or two, with a second appointment to place a crown if needed in a few weeks. If you are interested in straightening your teeth, teeth treated with root canals can still be moved with braces or clear aligners. A dental implant can’t be moved, this might compromise any efforts to straighten your teeth.

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