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Your New Set of Teeth

Are Dentures a Good Option?

We enjoy replacing teeth with dentures in Salt Lake City, but learning to wear dentures can be a challenge. It is important to understand that a denture is an artificial replacement. Just like other artificial replacements, some people are successful in learning how to use their new prosthesis and others struggle to adapt.

Think about an artificial leg. We have all seen individuals with artificial limbs learn to run, and even ski. We have also seen or heard of others that struggle to learn to use their artificial leg and instead choose to use a wheelchair.

Similarly, some patients learn to use dentures, and some do not succeed. The studies suggest that as many as 50% of denture wearers do not regularly wear their dentures. How a denture fits and functions are of paramount importance in improving your chances for success with adapting to a new denture. Our dentists in Salt Lake City employ the latest techniques and technology to make your adaption to dentures successful.

There are many ways to fabricate dentures. Some involve as little as two appointments, while others involve as many as ten.

We believe that a commitment to making sure that dentures fit well, and look great requires time and effort. So depending on your case, the number of appointments necessary to fabricate your denture will vary.

We look forward to answering your questions about dentures and helping you regain your smile.


Are Dentures the Best Option?

Yes! If you have many gaps in your teeth you can affordably restore your smile with dentures

Natural Looking

Expertly crafted well fitted dentures are custom designed for you and look exactly like natural teeth


Dentures are one of the most affordable dental options available

Quick Treatment

Unlike implants, which can take months, dentures can be fitted and inserted in just a couple of weeks.

Preserve Your Youth

Dentures can take years off your facial appearance and prevent a weak sagging jaw

Easy to Maintain

Because dentures are removable they are easy to maintain and clean

Feel Confident

Nothing feels better than flashing a perfect smile


Checkout our patients Dentures before and after!

Realistic looking dental implants in Salt Lake CIty


Why is Legacy Dental Uniquely Qualified to Place Dentures?

When choosing a provider to place your dentures, there are several important factors to consider. Given the significance of this procedure to both the functionality of your bite and the aesthetics of your smile, you’ll want to ensure you find the right fit for your situation. As part of that process, consider the following:

If you need teeth removed before placing your new denture, we can help with both  tooth removal and the fabrication of the denture.
We offer implant retained and supported solutions as well, so we can discuss other options that you may want to consider.
Since we offer implant supported solutions, we can help with a traditional denture now, and then convert that denture into an implant supported solution in the future.
By using specialized software, we can help guide tooth selection to make sure your smile looks natural or perfect, or a desired combination of the two.
Our doctors have helped hundreds of patients with dentures, and are well versed in helping people make the transition from hopeless teeth to a new denture.
If you have an existing denture that you like, but it needs to be refreshed or remade, we can easily duplicate the best aspects of your denture while improving upon those things that can be improved by using 3D technologies like scanning and printing.
Using 3D technologies, we can easily store a copy of your denture. So, if it were to become lost or broken, we can then easily make a replacement the same day. Some patients even choose to have a replacement made from the start so that they have a back-up readily available.

Denture Treatment Process

Legacy Dental will do a thorough exam to see if you are a candidate for dentures. Many patients believe that dentures are their only option. However, these patients have more choices than they think.
Before getting dentures, it is essential to evaluate the bone and the gums where the denture will rest. If there are bumps, ridges, swollen or irritated tissue, those areas must be corrected to allow the denture to fit well.
Once it is decided that dentures are indeed the best option, impressions or molds will be made. A second appointment is sometimes necessary to take a second impression with a custom fabricated tray.
Following an accurate impression, an appointment is made to record the bite, choose the color or shade of the teeth, and discuss the tooth shape and position. Looking at photographs together with your Salt Lake City dentist can help in restoring your smile to a time when you were proud of your smile.
A third appointment is then made to try-on the denture. At this stage, the denture is made from a wax material. This allows for changes to the position of the teeth and the bite. Taking this step helps to make sure that everything done in the second step was correct. If not, additional appointments for try-on will be made until you are happy with the appearance and fit.
Following an accurate impression, an appointment is made to record the bite, choose the color or shade of the teeth, and discuss the tooth shape and position. Looking at photographs together with your Salt Lake City dentist can help in restoring your smile to a time when you were proud of your smile.
Finally we generally see our denture patients every week until everything is fitting and feeling correct. This can take 1-6 more visits and is included in the fees for the fabrication of the denture.

Would You Like to Learn More?

Here are our top FAQs about dentures in Salt Lake City.

Usually, the process to make dentures takes about two to three weeks. We can complete the process more quickly if needed and have even made dentures in just 24 hours. This RUSH service carries an additional fee. A temporary partial denture (sometimes called a flipper) that replaces one or a few teeth can usually be made the same day or in 24 hours.

If the denture does not fit correctly, the denture can rub on the sensitive gums and cause a sore spot. Often, a dentist can adjust that area on the denture. If the bite is incorrect, the denture will move when chewing and cause rubbing or a sore spot. A dentist may be able to adjust the bite, as long as the dentures were made correctly. It may also mean that the dentures may need to be remade. Finally, if your denture is too loose, it will move and cause a sore spot. Relining or refitting the denture might correct a loose denture, or it might need to be remade. At Legacy Dental, we are committed to making your dentures fit comfortably and feel like your natural teeth!

Depending on the shape of your bone and gums, tongue, and cheeks you may or may not need to use a denture adhesive. Even a well-fitting denture can sometimes be more comfortable to wear with adhesive, especially, when you are first getting used to your new teeth.

If you find, even with adhesive, you have a difficult time wearing your dentures, then dental implants may be a better option for you.

If a person takes good care of their denture, it should last for at least five years. Most times dentures will last many years longer than that. Often, dentures can be relined or refitted, and their life extended. To make sure your denture lasts as long as possible, you should:

  • Have an exam each year to check your bone and gums, bite, and the denture.
  • Don’t ever adjust your denture yourself.
  • Be careful not to drop your dentures especially in the sink. The hard porcelain of the sink can chip or break your dentures.
  • Clean your dentures following our recommendations. Using harsh chemicals or abrasives will shorten the life of your dentures.
  • Keep your dentures away from pets. Dogs, especially, love to use dentures as chew toys.

Dentures can be used in so many different ways so giving an accurate cost is difficult. There are many payment options available to make dentures fit your budget.

Our Happy Client Testimonials

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Mick RobertsMick Roberts
04:35 11 Jun 24
Dr. Westmoreland did an awesome job fixing my son's 2 broken teeth. You can't even tell they were broken. I highly recommend her and the staff!
00:51 09 Jun 24
Great service! Called them saying had mouth pain they got me in that day and even put me in the schedule for a cleaning!
Andy LarsenAndy Larsen
16:19 04 May 24
I’ve had a fairly intense dental phobia for most of my life, that combined with years of addiction and severe depression really took a toll on my mouth and on my smile. Years ago I started the process of getting dentures with a different dentist and I had such a bad experience that I never wanted to set foot in another dental office again. Then last year when my remaining teeth started to fail, I reached out to Legacy Dental after seeing an add. At my first appointment Dr. H and his staff immediately put me at ease, there was no judgment and it was clear that they knew what they were doing. Throughout the entire process they were professional and they were friendly, and they took really good care of me.Now here I am seven months later and I have my smile back, for the first time that I can remember I can smile confidently, and I can eat normally. And I owe it all to Legacy dental and the wonderful care that they provided.
Craig SandersCraig Sanders
13:42 19 Apr 24
Dr Campbell was recommended by my dentist in St Louis for being very good with gold restorations. I've been his patient now for 15 years and have appreciated his friendliness, clear communication, excellent dental work, and great staff. I strongly recommend him.
David PalaciosDavid Palacios
15:22 09 Apr 24
I really enjoyed my experience here. From the dental assistants, to the hygienist, to Dr. Campbell himself. They did a great job on my teeth cleaning/exam and I really appreciated that Dr. Campbell took the time to go over everything with me thoroughly. He also went through several options with me and explained each in detail for certain needs that I had. I have full confidence in his professional work and the care he provides. Looking forward to my next visit. 👏
chris jacksonchris jackson
03:40 07 Apr 24
Going to the dentist is usually very stressfull for me. I've always been very comfortable with legacy dental. They work with my hectic schedule and busy life. The dental work is excellent, Ive had a lot of dental work completed at Legacy Dental. I am never pressured to receive any treatment. I am extremely happy with the dental service at Legacy Dental. Dr. H is an excellent dentist.
Elsa PoolElsa Pool
14:55 21 Feb 24
Legacy Dental, especially Dr. Campbell and his staff make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. They always address my concerns and make me as comfortable as possible. I have had several procedures done here and happy with the results.. Wait time is very minimal, the office and exam rooms are always clean and tidy. I have gone here for many years and will continue to do so indefinitely.
Jozef OttowiczJozef Ottowicz
03:47 20 Dec 22
I visited Legacy Dental as a new patient today. My appointment was for teeth cleaning. I was treated from the first moment very professionally and warm.The entire visit was a very good experience. The service was excellent. I highly recommend Legacy Dental.Thanks, Jozef O.
Matthew FieldMatthew Field
20:00 28 Oct 22
Recently visited Legacy Dental with a dental emergency. The team got me in same day and the staff was both courteous and professional. The doctor quickly assessed the issue and took me through my options in detail. The staff then helped arrange a follow up meeting with a partner clinic to treat my issue before I left. Thank you so much Legacy team, a very memorable and positive experience.
23:36 20 Oct 22
If you are one of those individuals who are apprehensive about dental procedures like me, this is the best place for you because Dr. Behlke is an incredible Dentist. He replaced several of my old fillings with precision care and my teeth look beautiful. Another plus I really liked is how the office is professional and easy to find.
Lexiey MunsellLexiey Munsell
21:34 18 Oct 22
I went in for Wisdom tooth pain. They had a last minute cancel and I got in there, same day! Which I was extremely thankful for cuz of the intense pain I was experiencing. I was in and out of there, WITH them being able to do the extraction, and X-ray in less than an hour! They were awesome! And! It was a fraction of the cost of what other offices were charging for the procedure. Especially cuz I don’t have insurance. Amazing staff, excellent dentist! 100/100 for me.
Ashleigh AmesAshleigh Ames
00:10 05 Oct 22
I love Legacy! They are everything you need and more. I've needed emergency dental work on a few occasions and they have always gotten me in same day, within the hour most of the time. Every single staff including dentists have been sweet and positive, and have always made me feel comfortable. I avoided going to the dentist most of my life, I just wish I would have known about them sooner.
Folau LeotaFolau Leota
18:16 12 Aug 22
Love this Dental Clinic. My wife Tupu came in with a lot of pain, came out within 45 minutes. All done and good. Thank you Dr. Stewart and your assistant. Staff was very welcome. Appreciate and will be looking forward to more visits. Highly Recommended!
David NishDavid Nish
17:47 06 Aug 22
Been going to Dr John Campbell for 15+ years. I won’t see anyone else. Every visit has been with as much care and concern as the my first visit. He is thorough, super professional, and won’t settle for anything less than perfection. Thank you Dr Campbell!
Josh HarowitzJosh Harowitz
01:55 02 Aug 22
The work I'm getting done has just started but I've already been having such a great experience with Legacy Dental. Everyone there has been amazing to work with.I'll update my review when I finish my treatment.
Alissa LenzingerAlissa Lenzinger
22:51 07 Jun 22
Compared to my previous (money hungry) dentist, this place is like a golden palace of greatness! Everyone is friendly and accommodating, and they make sure you're comfortable throughout your visit whether it's a routine cleaning or a crown replacement (I had both). I definitely recommend Legacy Dental! Thank you!
destiny iviedestiny ivie
17:06 19 Mar 22
Been going here a year and a half now.Such a clean nice place.They get to know you and are super understanding.My life’s a mess and they have no problem with my schedule and my being late and having to cancel.I really appreciate the staff makes getting dental work nice
Alexis HowlandAlexis Howland
21:51 23 Nov 21
Staff is always super helpful and friendly. Been coming here since I was a kid and I’ve always had a positive experience.

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