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Sedation Dentists in Salt Lake City, Utah

Relaxing and Pain-free Dentistry Experience

At Legacy Dental we want you to enjoy your dental appointment. Dental anxiety should never prevent you from enjoying optimum oral health. It’s time to leave dental anxiety at the door!

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Relax With Our Sedation Dentistry Options

Our Salt Lake City dentists combine their expertise to solve oral health problems and restore your smile.

NITROUS OXIDE (complimentary)
This sedation dentistry option also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide comes free of charge at our office. Most dental clinics charge $80-$100 for this service, we'd rather you were comfortable. Nitrous oxide makes you feel relaxed and maybe a little sleepy. It also makes time seem to pass more quickly. Its effects are short lived so you can drive after your appointment.
With this light sedation dentistry option, you take a pill one hour prior to your dental appointment. During this hour, we make sure that you are comfortably sedated. As we carry out treatment, you will drift in and out of sleep with little to no memory of your visit. You need to be escorted home by a friend or family member and will wake-up having had a very pleasant dental visit.
This is deep sedation dentistry option is provided by our partner anesthesiologist. You will be completely sedated. This is a very safe form of sedation and excellent for children and adults who absolutely don't want to know anything about what is going on and for patients that don't seem to be able to get comfortably numb.

Our Amenities & Modern Technology

Every aspect of our office has been designed to help you feel at ease and enjoy dental excellence.

Our Salt Lake City dental practice is filled to the brim with comforts and conveniences to make your visit truly unique. We ensure you feel relaxed at all times and confident that we can provide you with the highest standard of care. Here are some of the amenities that help make dental anxiety a thing of the past in our office:

We have televisions mounted in the ceilings of our treatment rooms. You can select from some of the most current movies using our Apple TV or a DVD of your choice. This distraction makes time pass more quickly and makes for a more comfortable visit to the dentist.

The sound of the dental drill is bothersome to many patients. You can listen to the music you enjoy while we care of your oral health. We offer comfortable over-the-ear, noise-canceling headphones as standard.
This is an alternative to the old-fashioned hypodermic needle. It allows for a more comfortable experience when getting numb. It also allows us to numb just your tooth rather than your lips and tongue.

Two things make an injection hurt; the initial puncture and the pressure created by the anesthetic entering the gum tissues. The Compudent Anesthesia machine controls the pressure. It slowly and gently places the anesthetic fluid to make your procedure comfortable. After getting numb, many patients say, “Was that it?”

We understand that it is difficult for some people to get numb for dental treatment, so we test each tooth before we begin working to make sure that you are numb. If you feel anything, please let us know. We will stop immediately and do whatever it takes to make you comfortable.
  • ‘‘We have had nothing but the best care from DR. CAMPBELL! We trust him fully with our dental care. One Sunday, a few months ago, he went on and beyond the extra mile by coming in to take care of our son’s bad abscessed tooth. We highly recommend him to friends and family. The entire staff is very friendly, helpful and professional.’’

    Michael E. (Legacy Dental Patient)
  • ‘‘I’ve had terrible dental experiences in my small town. I now drive three hours to get to Legacy Dental and it’s worth it - every time. They are efficient, kind, compassionate, professional, and honest. Their billing folks are top notch. I’ve recommended other people to them and they also agree. Legacy Dental is worth the long drive. ’’

    Kristen J. (Legacy Dental Patient)
  • ‘‘Every visit I’ve had has been positive and encouraging. I have been given thorough informative explanations whenever I’ve wanted to understand something better. All of the staff has been pleasant and friendly. It seems clear to me that people enjoy working here. The positive energy makes the whole experience less stressful. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to my next cleaning!’’

    Robin-Elise C. (Legacy Dental Patient)

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