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Teeth Bonding in Salt Lake City, UT

Get teeth bonding for a stable and strong smile.

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Teeth Bonding

With implant-retained dentures, you don't have to worry about slippage or accidents.

Teeth bonding, also known as dental bonding, is a tooth restoration procedure that uses a composite resin material to improve and enhance your smile. It's used to repair chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth, or change the shape/color of a tooth. The resin is colored to match the natural color of your teeth, so it blends in. Teeth bonding, unlike other tooth restoration procedures, such as veneers.

You will need to start by scheduling a consultation with the professional dental team at Legacy Dental. Before your bonding appointment is scheduled, the dentist will discuss your dental needs and goals. They will take x-rays and examine your teeth/gums to ensure that you are a candidate for this procedure. If you have gum disease, significant tooth decay, or any other serious issues with your oral health, you will probably need to have those issues taken care of first.


Steps for Teeth Bonding

Following are the steps to teeth bonding:

Choose your shade

 The first thing that you will do is choose your shade. The dentist will have a shade guide that you can compare with your natural teeth to make sure the resin will match so that no one will be able to tell the difference. 

Preparation of teeth

The dentist will roughen the surface of your natural tooth and apply a conditioning liquid to it. This will help the bonding resin to stick to your tooth. 

Resin is applied

The dentist will apply the resin, which is like putty. Then, he will mold and smooth it to the desired shape. 

Resin is cured

Once applied and shaped, the resin will be hardened with a special curing light, which bonds it to the surface of your tooth. 

Tooth is polished

The final step in the teeth bonding process is polishing. The dentist will make any final adjustments needed, and then polish it to a natural shine.  

The procedure typically takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour per tooth.

Is the process painful?

Typically, teeth bonding isn't painful because the dentist isn't working anywhere near the nerves inside your tooth. Most of the time, anesthesia won't even be needed. There are some patients who report feeling some sensitivity immediately following the procedure, but that wears off fairly quickly and can be controlled with OTC pain relievers.

Aftercare Following Teeth Bonding

Following a teeth bonding procedure, you'll need to follow proper oral hygiene in order to keep your mouth healthy and clean. You need to be using a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth at least twice daily- fluoride toothpaste is best. You'll also want to make sure that you are flossing at least once daily. Finally, schedule regular dental check-ups and cleaning- at least annually, if not twice a year.

At Legacy Dental, we're available Monday through Thursday, 8 AM to 8 PM, and Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. We are also in the office on Saturdays from 8 AM to 2 PM for your dental emergencies.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Teeth Bonding

Just like with any other dental procedure, teeth bonding comes with both advantages and disadvantages. We'll explore those below:


Teeth bonding is a lot like porcelain veneers in the way they are applied and what they do for your teeth. However, teeth bonding offers a few advantages for patients in or near Salt Lake City, Utah, including:

Versatility: used to handle a variety of cosmetic dental issues, such as discoloration, cracks, chips, gaps, and more 

Low cost: one of the least costly cosmetic procedure options available 

Lower time commitment: other cosmetic dental procedures, such as veneers and crowns, require more time to prepare at a lab and a second visit is required to place them- but bonding can be done all at one time. 

Non-invasive: bonding doesn't require a lot of enamel to be removed and if you change your mind, it can easily be removed without permanently affecting your teeth. 

Convenience: many times, patients will get more than one tooth bonded at one time.  


Though there are lots of advantages of teeth bonding, there are also a few disadvantages:

Staining: though bonding does offer great results, over time the resin will become stained. If you want a more stain-resistant option, veneers or crowns may be better. 

Durability: teeth bonding needs to be replaced every 10 years because they are not as durable as crowns or veneers.  

As you can see, the advantages of teeth bonding significantly outweigh the disadvantages, but this doesn't mean it's the ideal fit for everyone. The dental team at Legacy Dental will work with you to determine which is the best option for your needs and goals. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about the various tooth restoration options that we offer. 

Average Cost of Teeth Bonding

The average cost of teeth bonding as a cosmetic dental procedure starts at around $200 and goes up to over $1,000 per tooth. There are several factors involved in determining the price, including:

  • How difficult is the tooth to reach? 
  • How complex is the procedure? 
  • How many teeth are involved? 
  • What type of bonding is needed: Just a filling or more? 
  • Where is the dental office located? 
  • How experienced is the dentist and the team?  

Alternatives to Teeth Bonding

It's important to note that teeth bonding is not the only cosmetic dental procedure, there are several others, including:


This is a custom-made porcelain shell that is attached to the front of your teeth to change the size, color, shape, and length of your teeth. Veneers are effective for repairing issues such as gapped, crooked, chipped, and misshapen teeth. Veneers are much more expensive than teeth bonding- typically between $900 to $2,000 for one tooth. Since it is primarily a cosmetic procedure, most insurance plans do not cover any of the cost of veneers.


Crowns are ideal for patients who have severe damage or decay. It's a tooth-colored cap that is custom-made to restore the shape, function, size, and strength of teeth that have been damaged and protect them from further damage. The cost varies between $800 to $2,000 per crown. Most insurance plans will cover a portion of the cost.

Candid Pro aligners

This procedure involved clear aligners that are custom-made based on computer-generated images of your mouth. The aligners are more comfortable than traditional metal braces and will straighten your teeth in less time. Plus, they are like retainers- they are removable so that you can eat and brush your teeth without worry. They are made of smooth plastic, with no sharp edges.

Candid Pro Aligners doesn't just treat crooked teeth, it may also work for other teeth misalignment issues such as underbites and overbites.

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