What Is The Cost Of A Single Implant?

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At Legacy Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are very much aware of the high cost of dental services. We also know that there are significant advances being made in dentistry all of the time, and that's why our specialists are involved in continuing education programs. Of course, most important to our patients is being able to receive high-quality dental care at an affordable rate. Even regular check-ups can get to be fairly expensive, especially if you don't have dental insurance.

When it becomes necessary to have a more complex procedure performed, many insurance carriers don't cover the cost. At most, you might get half the cost covered by an insurance company, and you would then be responsible for the rest of the amount out-of-pocket. We realize what a hardship that can create on the budgets of our daily patients, so we offer an alternative which will help manage costs.

You can join our Dental Membership Plan and receive a number of benefits that will all help to control cost for dental care. When you're a member of the shtetl plan, you'll receive discounts on dental treat as well as preventive exams and cleanings. There are also some add-ons available through the plan, and as soon as you sign up you'll start receiving rewards for using your benefits. Contact us today about enrolling in our dental membership plan, and start saving money on Dental Care immediately.

Factors which affect implant cost

There are quite a few factors which can affect the eventual cost of your dental implant. For instance, it will require a much different implant approach when you're working on teeth missing in the front of your mouth, as opposed to replacing molar teeth used for chewing. Another major impact on the eventual cost will be the condition of your jaw bone. If there is insufficient mass in the jaw bone to support a dental implant, it'll be necessary to do bone grafting or a sinus lift to augment jaw bone mass.

If it's necessary to extract teeth prior to installing a dental implant, this will also add to the cost of the implant procedure. Patients who are having an entire arch of upper or lower teeth replaced will generally need to have at least a few teeth extracted before continuing with the replacement procedure. Some patients also have fairly complex oral conditions which require a high level of expertise to manage and overcome. 

This will also add to the total cost of an implant, because it will require more time and skill, and it may also require the use of more advanced equipment and in any emergency situation  you need to immediately seek a dentist. Whenever there are any additional costs associated with your implant procedure, feel free to ask anyone on our staff about any individual line items. We'll be happy to explain exactly why any particular service was necessary in order to carry out the implant.

How much does a single dental implant cost?

If a single implant were to be installed with no complications, it might cost anywhere between $1,000 dollars and $3,000. However, if it's necessary to add on other procedures, the total cost can rise to between $4,000 and $8,000. Adding on the cost of an abutment and a dental crown will generally increase the cost by somewhere between $500 $3,000.

When it's necessary to install more than a single implant, the cost can rise significantly, and it becomes prohibitive for most people to pay that amount out-of-pocket.

When you're paying for a dental implant, there are a number of factors involved. First of all, it might be necessary to do some restorative surgery such as bone grafting or sinus lifts to augment jaw bone mass. If the jaw bone has insufficient mass to support the installation of implants, it would not be possible to have dental implants installed. Implants are made of titanium, which is used because it's highly biocompatible, and will actually fuse with your jaw bone over time.

Once the implant has been installed, it will be necessary to attach a metal abutment to the implant. Then the abutment is used to connect the implant to a crown, a bridge, or some kind of denture. The cost of an implant will also include whatever dental appliance is attached to the abutment. So, the process of installing an implant and a replacement for a missing tooth might take several months altogether. The total cost will include all the steps necessary to be able to actually install a replacement tooth in your mouth.


The very first step in the process is having a consultation with your implant specialist. This is an important step because it will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for implants. In most cases, this initial consultation will only cost you in the neighborhood of $300. If it becomes necessary to take X-rays prior to installing implants, this will be cost somewhere between $25 and $200. It's generally necessary to take X-rays so that the exact site of implants can be determined.

X-rays provide more information about the condition of your teeth and jaw bone in the area around the implant site. It may also be necessary to take other types of scans such as CT scans, so that detailed information can be obtained about the jaw bone and the surrounding tissue. If it's necessary to extract any teeth before implants can proceed, this will generally cost you between $150 and $600. The cost of the extraction will depend on where the tooth is located, and the degree of difficulty associated with the procedure.

Most teeth can be removed with a simple non-surgical process which isn't very costly. However, when it's necessary to perform a surgical extraction which requires the use of anesthesia, that almost always takes longer than a simple extraction. Bone grafting might cost you anywhere between $500 and $3,000, depending on where the source bone comes from, and just how much bone is needed. Bone graft surgery can be somewhat expensive, because it does require actual surgery on your body in order to harvest the bone material needed to augment your jaw bone.

Finally, the cost of installing an abutment on the implant and the crown which serves as a replacement shows must also be factored in. The cost for these two components will run somewhere between $1,500 and $3,500. When you add up the total cost for all these possible procedures, it can get to be an expensive proposition. That's why we encourage you at Legacy Dental to enroll in our Dental Membership Plan, so you can make costs more affordable, and so you can spread out payments over time.

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