Snap-in Dentures Or Snap-On Dentures: Are They The Same?

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You may have heard the term snap-in dentures or snap-on dentures in connection with tooth replacement strategies. Basically, snap-on dentures are traditional dentures which are capable of snapping onto dental implants. That means they're removable, because they are designed so as to be physically attachable to dental implants. They have the same shape as a conventional denture, with the major exception being their ability to snap on to an implant. Snap-ons should not be left in place all night long, and they should be removed for cleaning each day as well.

When you do take them off, you'll probably hear the snapping sound which accounts for their name. If you are considering snap-on dentures as a possible tooth replacement strategy, we urge you to contact us at Legacy Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have a number of specialists on our staff who have performed countless installations of snap-on dentures, so we're well aware of what's involved.

You appreciate the stability and strength of snap-on dentures, because they are anchored to implants in your jaw bone which will not move. That means you can be totally comfortable with chewing and biting, and you won't have any embarrassing slippage when speaking. All the downsides of conventional dentures can be avoided by having snap-on dentures installed. The fact that snap-on dentures are anchored by dental implants makes a world of difference in their stability and strength.

Snap-in dentures vs snap-on dentures

Snap on dentures

Both of these dental appliances are considered to be implant-stabilized dentures. That means they're traditional dentures that can snap into place on implants. The big difference between snap-in dentures and snap-on dentures is primarily linguistic in nature. For all intents and purposes, these two types of dentures are the same thing. Both of them are equipped with special locators on the dentures' underside which can snap onto a dental implant.

Some people refer to these devices as snap-on because the denture snaps into place on top of the implant. On the other hand, people sometimes refer to them as snap-in dentures because the implants actually go inside the locators of the implant itself. So basically, there is no physical difference whatsoever between snap-in dentures and snap-on dentures. It's merely a matter of nomenclature, and how you view the snapping action which attaches the denture to the implant. The real value of the term itself is simply to differentiate this type of dental appliance from conventional dentures, or from other strategies such as all-on-4 implants. Dentist at salt lake city can help you with all your quires regarding dentures.  

Why patients appreciate snap-on dentures

One of the big reasons for having snap-on dentures is that you can completely negate the need for using messy denture adhesives. Another big advantage of using snap-ons is that they're much more stable in your mouth than conventional dentures. Many people who have used conventional dentures have experienced some kind of slippage while eating or speaking. This happens when the dental adhesive gives away and no longer adheres to the gum line.

Conventional dentures rest directly on top of the gum line, and can cause friction and rubbing. This leads to soreness in the mouth, and by the end of a day, it can actually be fairly uncomfortable. When you have snap-on dentures installed, you can expect that there will be far less rubbing and fewer sore spots. You'll also notice improved speech and less hassle at mealtimes. Generally speaking, there's much less maintenance involved with snap-on dentures, and patients report a much greater comfort level as opposed to conventional dentures.

By installing dental implants which stabilize your dentures, you can avoid all the hassles that might occur when dental adhesives give way. If you have already experienced some level of bone loss in your jaw, it might be problematic trying to fit a conventional denture appropriately. There is a very narrow bone ridge which could make it difficult to establish a seal, and to provide a good connection between the gum line and the dentures. By having a snap-on installed, you can avoid a number of the foibles of conventional dentures, and you'll enjoy increased confidence when eating and speaking.

How dentures snap into implants

A snap-in denture usually has somewhere between two and four locators which have been built into it. These locators are small attachments which can snap on to corresponding dental implants. Depending on the contours of your mouth, it may be necessary to use either two or four implants in order to completely stabilize the dental device. After implants have been surgically installed, it will be necessary to place an abutment on top of each one of the implants.

This is a special type of abutment which is different from those used to install crowns or bridges. This abutment has a special shape which allows it to snap into the locators on your denture. Obviously, having snap-in dentures requires the knowledge and expertise of a proficient dental expert. You can see how delicate it might be to establish the proper relationship and positioning of the locators compared to the implants. However, a dental specialist will be able to install these devices with precision, so that you'll have good, serviceable snap-in dentures.  Once these are in place, all that will be necessary is snapping your denture into place, or removing it when it's necessary for cleaning. if you experience any kind of pain and discomfort you can also seek to your dentist in emergency situation

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Having snap-in dentures installed might be one of the best possible approaches to tooth replacement. You won't need to have the dentures in place 24 hours a day, and when it's necessary to remove them, it will be easy to unsnap them. Next morning, they can be snapped back into place again after cleaning. When you arrange for an initial consultation with Legacy Dental in Salt Lake City, we can thoroughly examine your mouth and determine whether or not you're a good candidate for snap-in dentures.

If you are, we'll be able to proceed with the process as soon as you're ready, and get those implants installed. Once implants have fused with your jaw bone and are ready to anchor your dentures, we can have permanent dentures installed that will look and feel just natural teeth, and provide you with many years of great service.

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