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At Legacy Dental, we pride ourselves in leading the pack when it comes to utilizing the most current advancements in dentistry. It is essential for us to make sure our office and equipment are the best at effectively and safely treating our patients. 

Over the last year, we have put a considerable effort into updating our office and equipment. This article discusses the equipment we’ve updated and why it’s crucial. 

Primescan Intraoral Scanner

This intraoral scanner allows us to quickly, easily, and accurately complete single teeth or full arch restorations. The scanner takes many detailed images to form a 3D image of a single tooth or arch of the mouth. This 3D image can be used in our office to create the same-day crown or be sent to a lab to help make a more accurate restoration. It also eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions. 

Cone Beam

Our new Planmeca ProMax 3D is a three-in-one machine that enables us to take panoramic films (2D image of the entire jaw), bitewings (2D images of in between the teeth), and CBCT image (3D image of a chosen field). The 3D images make it possible for us to place implants and complete entire mouth restorations more accurately.

Air Filtration

A clean environment is at the forefront of everyone’s minds with the current pandemic climate. We have installed a high filtration system and UV treatment to our office to do our part to help ensure a safe environment for our staff and patients.

Delivery Units and Overhead Lights

We are all loving our new A-dec rear cabinets and delivery units. We initially remodeled our office 17 years ago, and it was time for a change. These new units are ergonomically friendly and allow us to have better access to our instruments and the patient simultaneously.

Other notable qualities with the new delivery units that patients will love are:

  • Quieter and smoother drills.
  • Better water quality. Filtered water is then treated. Eliminating concerns about contamination of water.
  • New nitrous oxide delivery units, allowing for precise delivery which provides a more relaxing experience for our patients.
  • Better designed surfaces to facilitate decontamination and disinfection between patients.
  • The overhead light is seamless and has multiple settings, allowing us to see our patients’ mouths better.
New Sterilization Area

The sterilization area is the hub of our practice. With an average of 40+ patients that come through our office on a given day, the sterilization area must be designed with ease of use, safety, and sterility in mind. Our new sterilization area got revamped in the following areas:

  • Receiving, cleaning, and decontamination
  • Preparation and packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Storage

The most exciting new equipment in our sterilization area is an automated instrument washing machine. This machine lets us be more effective in cleaning our instruments in larger batches before we sterilize them.

3D Printer

3D printing has a strong foothold in medicine and is an exciting new field of discovery in dentistry. Our new SprintRay MoonRay 3D printer has been used to print some study models and surgical guides for implant placement.  Our hope for the future is to one day be able to print nightguards and even dentures!

Our Commitment to Safety Always and Through COVID-19

We’ve trained to utilize reliable techniques at Legacy Dental. We treat all instruments and patients as if they have a blood born or respiratory illness; this is called standard precautions.

Because of standard precautions, we can safely say that we are doing everything we can before, during, and after this pandemic to keep our patients safe. These precautions work. There have been no documented cases of community transmission of COVID-19 in a dental office.

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