Utah Dental Association Meeting 2017

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The past 2 days our team has participated in the annual Utah Dental Association Meeting that is held at the Salt Palace, in downtown Salt Lake City. The convention has a space where vendors show their latest products and services and classes aimed at teaching new techniques, updating existing dental treatments, and things to consider to improve patient care and teamwork.

I attended a class on oral pathology taught by Brian Trump, DDS, MS. He did a great job teaching us some important things to look for and be aware of when looking for lumps and bumps and sores when inside the mouth. One of the key takeaways for me was some good ideas about treating patients that get a lot of canker sores (apthous ulcers). In the past we have taken more a wait and see approach, but there are some medications that can be helpful and even prevent the outbreak of these sores. His lecture was entertaining, which is saying a lot for a topic that though important can sometimes be a little dull.

In the afternoon, I attended a course taught by a dental lab technician and one of the doctors that she works with. She did a great job discussing some of the important keys to making sure a crown or onlay blends in as well as possible. Some of the those keys included when to select the shade or color of the tooth (before you start) and some great tips about photography that will help better communicate with our lab. I will be ordering a new flash for our camera because of her suggestions.

On day 2, I spent part of the time learning about new technology to make scheduling and completing patient forms online easier. Then I spent some time learning about better communication with the lab with large rehabilitation cases. This course was taught by a classmate from dental school, Jason Lewis. He did a great job. Finally, I learned about some new techniques with 3-D x-rays and 3-D printing to make helping patients that want to transition from a denture to implant supported teeth more predicable.

I spent just a little time shopping. I bought some forceps to help with difficult extractions and a small instrument to help with root canal procedures. I also spoke with a developer about some ideas for a remodel of our current office or a new dental office. It was also good to reconnect with old friends and colleagues.

I'm proud of our team for attending and look forward to discussing the things we learned and implementing them over the next few weeks.

Dentistry is a great profession. It's always amazing to attend these meetings and see all the people working to make the oral health of our communities beter.

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