Should I Delay Dental Treatment During COVID?

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Your dentist has reopened for non-emergency dental care.

You’re months past due for a dental appointment.

But now you question:

Should I delay dental treatment?

With COVID-19 still out there, you’re feeling hesitant about visiting your dentist.

Sound accurate?

We get it.

But before you cancel or reschedule your appointment, read this. We’ve outlined the top reasons why you shouldn’t put off your dental care – even during a pandemic.

Should I delay dental treatment?

Right now, you’re probably thinking about delaying dental care during COVID, assuming you might be putting your health at risk by going to the dentist.

Which is fair, and we’re glad you’re thinking this way.

But here’s something you should know:

You may put your oral and overall health at an increased risk by pausing your dental care.

So to the answer question, “Should I delay dental treatment?”

Our quick answer is no; don’t delay dental treatment.

Now, let’s explore why in detail.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t put off dental appointments

1. Small problems lead to big problems

In most cases, dental issues worsen over time.

Here’s an example:

Chipped tooth  cavity  infected pulp  severe pain  tooth loss

Even simple procedures like a regular hygiene visit become more problematic the longer you delay treatment. Having more plaque built up on your teeth could turn into a longer appointment or require additional follow-up. In these cases, you would need root canal on an emergency basis to prevent further deterioration.

2. You put your overall health at risk

Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body – viruses and dental problems included.

Untreated and severe dental problems show a correlation to overall health problems, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Pneumonia
  • Pregnancy and birth complications

Maintaining your dental appointments is essential to your overall well-being. For example, a missing dental implant could lead to weakening of dental integrity and overall health.

3. Your treatment options may change

If your oral health or teeth change, you may not be eligible to move forward with your previously planned treatment.

Here are a few examples:

  • Need a filling? A simple filling will remove and fix a small cavity. But if you wait, the decay will worsen and require more invasive treatments like an inlay, onlay, crown, or root canal.
  • Need a root canal? When the inside of your tooth gets infected, you need a root canal procedure to remove the infection and save your tooth. But if you delay treatment, the infection can spread and damage your tooth beyond repair. Your next option is to remove the tooth and restore it with a dental implant and crown.
  • Need periodontal treatment? Another way to know if you do is if you have puffy, red, or bleeding gums. If left untreated, gum disease can advance into periodontitis, which is the leading cause of adult tooth loss

This brings us to your next point.

4. It will cost you more

A filling vs. a crown.

A root canal vs. a dental implant.

These are examples of how the first treatment costs way less than the alternative if you delay dental care.

5. You increase your risk of pain

As dental problems worsen, you’re more at risk of experiencing tooth or gum pain. Untreated dental issues could cause such severe pain that you go to the emergency room (costing you a lot more than a dental visit).

And even if you didn’t have a dental problem at your last appointment, you’re not off the hook.

A lot can change in a few months (or weeks!), which is why the American Dental Association recommends you visit your dentist for regular exams  and cleanings every six months.

Since most dentists have reopened for “non-essential” dental services, you can resume all your treatments and regular check-ups again!

Feel safe at the dentist during COVID-19

At Legacy Dental, we’ve always enforced the highest infection control standards. Your health and safety are paramount to us, and we do everything we can to protect you.

With the current situation, we are maintaining our strict disinfection and sterilization protocols, and implementing a few more precautions for added safety, including:

  • Closing our waiting room and asking you to wait in your car.
  • Conducting all business (scheduling, payments, etc.) in your treatment room.
  • Asking you to complete a health questionnaire before your appointment.
  • Taking your temperature before starting your appointment.
  • Screening our staff daily.
  • Wearing personal protective equipment.
  • More!

Most importantly, we’re here for you!

Our Salt Lake City dentists and team chose the dental industry because we care about you and your health. We have first-hand experience of knowing how delaying your dental care can have negative consequences, which is why we want you to be fully informed.

We also want to help you feel confident about returning to our safe and trusted dental office.

Ready to book your appointment?

Delaying your dental treatment may do more harm than good – even during a pandemic.

Maintaining your oral health gives you a boost in confidence, more money to spend elsewhere, and better overall health.

Request an appointment today, even if you aren’t due to visit us for a few weeks or months. Our schedule is filling up quickly!


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