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Dental care can be expensive. Very few people have a budget for dental care. Many people avoid going to the dentist when they don’t have dental insurance. The fees for dental procedures vary widely from one office to the next and are usually not easily available (though we include most of our dental fees online). At Legacy Dental, we offer multiple ways to help patients afford the care that they want and need. My experience as a dentist for over 17 years is that most dental offices also offer similar options.

Payment Options:

5% Discount

A 5% bookkeeping discount is extended for payment in-full for the entire treatment plan prior to beginning treatment. We offer this discount because we don’t have to deal with dental insurance. When we help a patient submit a claim and then accept assignment of those dental benefits it requires up to 2 hours of time to submit, track, follow-up, and process a claim. If we don’t have to do that it saves us money, which we pass along to our patients. This discount is not offered to those patients that are using dental insurance, because we are already accepting a discounted fee.


CareCredit, a 3rd party financing company, is to be used patients wanting to make payments on their balance. It is available on approved credit after completing a short application online or by phone. 6 month, and 12 month interest-free terms are offered.

In-House Financing

We also allow patients to make payments to us. If a patient can make a down payment of 1/3rd of the cost and can leave a debit or credit card on file to allow for automated payments, we can accept payments without having to involve a 3rd party.

Pay as Treatment Progresses

Patient will pay on the day of service for the treatment rendered or the total treatment plan fee can be divided up evenly over the anticipated number of appointments. Payment can be of only the estimated patient portion if the patient will sign an agreement relating to the use of dental insurance. For dentures and crowns 50% of the patient portion is due when we make final impressions and 50% is due prior to the delivery of the prosthesis. The patient can have PPO dental insurance. Assignment of benefits can be to our office.

Most of the time one of these options can make dental care fit your budget. We try to sequence care and find a payment option that will allow you to get the treatment you need.

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