Difference Between Implant-Supported Dentures And Traditional Dentures

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If you were to ask someone who had experienced both traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures, you would likely get a very definitive comparison. Let's consider the cost of both procedures. At Legacy Dental of Salt Lake City, UT, you would find the same price differential between the two as at any other locale around the country. Traditional dentures might cost somewhere between $500 and $1,000, whereas implant-supported dentures would be more likely to cost between $1,500 and $4,000. A big part of that cost is centered around the implants themselves, and the surgical procedure necessary to install them.

You'd probably also find that patients are much more satisfied with their implant-supported dentures than with traditional ones. That's because dentures supported by implants do not move around inside a patient's mouth, since they're anchored in place by the implants. It can make a world of difference when you're eating some kinds of foods that might be chewy or hard. That will often cause traditional dentures to move while chewing and biting. The only real support that traditional dentures have is the adhesive binding them to the gums. Sometimes that adhesive can give way, and allow the dentures to slip. You can also contact to your dentist for more details or any  emergency.

Performance of traditional dentures

Traditional dentures are dental appliances that replace all or some of your missing teeth. The natural-looking denture teeth are firmly attached to a pink-colored base that mimics your gums. This base is then secured to your gums with an adhesive substance helped by natural suction. While these adhesives may be good products, they are exposed to all sorts of things during eating and drinking processes. Sometimes just the normal action of eating is enough to cause the adhesive to give way.

Other times, the foods you eat and beverages you drink can also promote loosening. In any case, it is entirely possible that the adhesive will give way, and that allows the dentures to move around unintentionally. There could also be some problems when you're speaking, if your dentures were to become loose. That would interfere with your pronunciation, and the way you speak could become unpredictable. In a group of people, this would probably be very noticeable.

Performance of implant-supported dentures

It is not possible for your dental implant-supported dentures to become loose and move around inside your mouth. The dentures are firmly attached to the implants installed in your jawbone. Since the implants serve as the roots of a tooth, it fixes the dentures in place with no movement. There won't be any incidents where dentures slip around while you're eating. You also won't have to endure the embarrassment of slippage that interferes with your speech.

The bottom line is you can have full confidence in your dentures' performance, because they are anchored in place as solidly as possible. Another subtle advantage of these dentures is that the titanium implants stimulate the jawbone when in place. That ensures there will be no deterioration of the jawbone, and it will continue to provide a full-face look to your appearance. When the jawbone goes un-stimulated, it will generally recede and cause a sunken look in the facial area.

Installation of dentures

One advantage that traditional dentures have over implant-supported ones is that they can be installed much more quickly. When putting traditional dentures in place, the procedure from start to finish might only require a few weeks. With implant-supported dentures, it can take six months or longer. That amount of time is necessary, so that the titanium implant can naturally fuse with your jawbone and become part of it.

This osseointegration process is the real strength of dental implants, because they provide anchor points for abutments that will be attached to them. Then in turn, the dental appliance can be attached to the abutments for solid anchoring. It might also be necessary to perform a sinus lift or bone grafting to ensure that the patient has sufficient jawbone mass. Without adequate jawbone to attach to, implants would not be effective.

Comparison of the two denture types

There is no question that the implant-supported dentures are superior in terms of performance. However, even so that does not mean they are the best choice for every patient. Anyone who is looking for a very affordable solution to missing teeth might well be attracted to traditional dentures because they are relatively inexpensive. Another big appeal is the fact that they can be quickly installed, so you would not have to wait months and months for your new dentures to be installed. People who are obliged to live on a tight budget would thus be inclined to choose traditional dentures.

Patients who have good dental insurance coverage might be more inclined to choose implant-supported dentures. When cost is not the driving factor behind making a choice, the implant-supported dentures will generally win out. However, it is fair to say that traditional dentures can be very serviceable, and many patients are very happy with them. People who don't get too adventurous with foods they eat, and who don't ever speak in public, can do very well with traditional dentures. They are a good alternative to have when you're living on a tight budget or when you need dentures installed quickly. sometimes you feel to make your smile more perfect, you can simple contact to  your cosmetic dentist.  

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At Legacy Dental in Salt Lake City, UT, we have a number of expert dental practitioners on our staff who are extremely experienced and knowledgeable about both traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures. If you are a patient who is considering one of these two types of dentures, we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the two. After an initial consultation and examination of your mouth, we'll be able to make a recommendation on which might be better for you. We'll have a discussion and take into account your goals and objectives with dental health, and how you'd prefer to handle tooth replacement. Contact us today, so we can begin the process of providing you with better oral health, and with a much-improved smile. That will impact your self-confidence, and make you much more willing to greet the world in a welcome manner each day.

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