All on four, Teeth in a day, Dentures, and Implants…Oh my!

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This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a continuing education course at the St. Regis Hotel in Deer Valley. What a beautiful resort. I didn’t stay there (it’s kind of expensive), but I enjoyed the amenities. The course was on replacing terminal dentitions with dental implants. A terminal dentition is one where the remaining teeth are in very poor condition and will not last much longer. Most times these patients suffer with pain and embarrassment and often end up with dentures. Dentures have been around for hundreds of years. They are not replacement teeth. Dentures are just an alternative to having and nothing. Many (as high as 50%) of denture-wearers do not wear their dentures. And when they do…

Can you imagine? What a horrible thing to happen to anyone.

The all on four, teeth in a day concept provides a patient with teeth that are not removable (except by the dentist).4 dental implants are placed, and the same-day the patient’s existing denture is modified to attach to the dental implants. That same day the patient can smile, and speak confidently. 6 months later after healing a new prosthesis is made and attached to the dental implants.

This can be a wonderful treatment option for those who know they need dentures and are putting it off, because they want to avoid the embarrassment of dentures. There is not a time when the patient does not have teeth that are attached to the dental implants and are secure and stable.

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